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Can a folding screen phone push the tablet down the international stage?

In the era of "folding screen", the new stage for consumers to build, the tablet will go down the altar? People who used to be dissatisfied with small-screen mobile phones have developed smart phones with "big screens"; they are never satisfied with watching great video content on large-screen devices such as TVs and computers, and have derived portable tablets. computer. Undoubtedly people's lifestyles are nurtured and grown in the cradle of science and technology.

The emergence of tablets can be said to be the status of laptops and desktop computers. Compared to smartphones, tablets have a larger screen experience; they are more portable than computers. In the past, some people have said that the screen of a smartphone will not only be limited to the size of the palm, but will move in a larger direction. For this reason, some netizens also ridiculed Samsung and Apple at the time, saying that the screen of Samsung mobile phones will become bigger and bigger, and the screen of Apple mobile phones will be getting longer and longer. A Roman figure with a "Apple knife" on the right and a "Samsung shield" on the left. And now, such a joke map may no longer be a "joke."

The screen size of mobile phones has always had two contradictory factors, one is the portability brought by the small screen; the other is the high efficiency brought by the big screen; however, the two can't have both. For this problem, the experts in various manufacturers are also twisted. Do your best, and finally get a breakthrough on the screen.

At the recent MWC World Mobile Congress in 2019, major mobile phone manufacturers have been able to show their new posture and "dancing skills" on this international stage; Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc. have launched their own " The treasure of the town shop" - folding screen mobile phone, this release, the smart phone will set off a new revolution.

Samsung's first folding screen mobile phone, Galaxy Fold, is once again showing Samsung's high-tech on the international stage. The 7.3-inch "folding" screen is enough to catch up with the screen size of a tablet.

The performance of Mate X, the first folding screen mobile phone released by Huawei, is breathtaking. The 8-inch "Eagle-wing" folding screen is only 5.4mm thick when it is unfolded, compared to Samsung Galaxy Fold. A bigger screen experience; even in the closed state, the front screen has 6.6 inches, enough to carry with the size of a normal smartphone. Xiaomi is different from the two, it uses a unique "double folding" screen folding method.
For a tablet computer, only one external mouse and one keyboard can be used as a computer. In the future development field, there may be an external connection method matching the mobile phone. This will undoubtedly be a shock to the tablet.

From a certain perspective, the emergence of folding screen mobile phones is also a new stage for consumers to build smart phones. At present, many folding screen technologies are still in a state of development, not very mature, so they have developed a variety of design solutions, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, no one is good or bad, just to solve the consumer Concerned about whether the smallest space can be exchanged for the biggest screen experience. On the "folding" road in the future, can the folding screen mobile phone push the tablet down the international stage with such "coming momentum"? Boldly guess, what kind of technology will never be introduced in the folding screen mobile phone?



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